Role of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics In Agriculture Industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots will bring in a change to the agriculture industry. Advances in power and motion technologies will automate many agricultural tasks. The agriculture sector will be more advanced by making use of technologies. Below are the ways how AI and robotics will transform the agriculture sector in the future:

AI and robotics will transform the agriculture sector

  1. Agriculture Robots:

Machine vision technology has enabled the robots to see, identify and to take some intelligent action on these plants. The robots can be used for various purposes starting from planting a seed, removing weed (unwanted plants), or even watering of plants, everything will be automated.

Agricultural robots will require no assistance, Once the robots are programmed to do a specific task it will be precise in the manner of work. Robots can be used 24/7 for the look out of crops and study the way they grow. This way there would be no wastage of crops and would give better results.

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Robots have been evolving at a very rapid pace. Currently they are faster and more accurate in their respective fields. By making use of robots in the agriculture sector it is going to benefit the farmers as they would get better results compared to the previous results.

  1. Self-Driving Tractors:

Autonomous tractors or self-driving tractors have been developed to make the agriculture process easier with the use of intelligent technologies made to use it is resulting in better results. Self-driving tractors could be programmed to work on a small crop area or even larger area. The task of farmers would be much easier than before and would save much more time which will enable the farmers to do other chores for the growth of their lands.

  1. Analyzing Data:

Data has been an important part in almost all the industries, the Agriculture industry is not far behind in making use of data. There is a lot of study of data by the farmers like checking the crops, reading climates, knowing when to water, and so on. By the use of AI, we can analyze these tasks and automate them with the help of robots. Artificial intelligence and robots will work together. AI can pass the data about the crops or the climate and robots can work accordingly.

This would give better results in the supply of crops. Farmers would benefit in a great way. By automating almost all the processes, the life of farmers would be easier than it is now.

  1. Drones for Security:

Security has been an important aspect be it for the business or in agriculture. Security has been a major problem for farmers. There have been animals invading or bugs eating away their crops. This becomes a major concern for the farmers. The usage of drones would help in the surveillance of the entire farm. Drones surveillance combined with AI can also detect bugs in the fields. Similar to face detection which is being used already one can detect any moving living thing using AI technology. This would make a great technology aiding security in the fields or farms.


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