How Artificial Intelligence in Education Will Change The Future Learning

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In recent year’s Artificial Intelligence(AI) has found its way in virtually every industry – manufacturing, education, telecom, retail and business. Education sector is slowly developing by making use of various technologies like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and so on. Slowly the technology is beginning to alter the educational tools in the industry and institution are ready for the change that could bring a change in the future.  Artificial Intelligence in education could be used in many ways to help students learn and understand better.

History of Artificial Intelligence in education

Over the past year’s technologies has been used in the field of education. During the early 70’s or 80’s there wasn’t much use of technology in the classroom. The classroom was based on the interaction between teachers and students. Education sector can see a rapid growth of the institution wanting to bring in the change that could improve the students learning capability. Today there is various technologies like projectors, computers, online classes using apps like google videos, meet and so on.

AI and machine learning is used in few of the institutions. Combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning is slowly bringing in a change in the online learning era. This is allowing teachers to manage students in a better way and also include many students at once.

Examples and Applications of AI in education industry

1.Understand individual student requirements

Each student faces a different difficulty in terms of studying, one might be good at maths or English where others might be weak in the same. AI could be handy to understand the student. There are different ways of understanding if a student is understanding a certain subject or not by looking at their facial expression, monitor their sitting posture. Teacher’s might fail to understand this whereas AI could capture and help student’s.

Teachers cannot concentrate each and every student so a personalised AI could understand each student’s requirement in a better way that could help the student develop their skills in a better way.

2. Robotics Teaching Students

The development of Artificial Intelligence has brought robotics in education industry. Robots are widely used in the education industry. Robots are used to teach the students which could result in a better teaching. Many fields require teaching in depth concepts like in medical or healthcare sectors where a student’s needs to be given a more detailed teaching, Robots could be used to teach in a better way and also a detailed teaching could be expected from robots. Robots will also give a real life teaching experience similar to that of while teachers take the classes.

Students are benefiting with the help of robotics in the education industry, each and every student is given a personalised teaching experience.

3. Online Learning Program

In the last 20 years Internet has grown massively creating an opportunity for online learning. Online learning is making use of internet and electronic devices to learn. Online program helps students to study from their home. This saves a lot of travel time for the students also giving a similar experience to that of being at class. Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing could be used together for online classes. This allows teachers to have huge number of students in their class.

There are many applications like google classroom, meet, zoom and so on that is being used. During the pandemic institutions have made of technologies like this that would benefit the students as well as teachers. E-learning also called as online learning gives better learning experience as students can save or download the session for better understanding. There are quite a number of advantages of making use of online classes like

  1. Flexibility – Students have a better opportunity to juggle between their careers and school because they don’t have to follow a fixed schedule. In a traditional classroom students are bend to follow the timings set by the institution whereas an online program the student can choose when to get started. That being a main reason many students choose online certification courses which can be done at their convenient time.
  2. Reduced costs – Online course costs far less compared to normal classroom setting. An initial funding or investment is done to set up the application which includes the cost for customised email id s and classrooms for particular school. Once this is done, the authorisation is given, the institution is free from any further investment. The teachers and students are also saved from the miscellaneous charges which one would have to spend on during the regular school. The only expenditure is that of the need for a steady internet.

4. Automating the educational process

Though it is impossible for technology to over- power human beings in an educational set up, it can surely ease the burden on the human power. The educational process has different layers- teaching, management, administration, official, banking and so on. Not all of these can be automated as they require the human touch. For example; it is important for a teacher to be present in the school not only to teach but also to understand the emotional well-being of the child. This will not be possible in an automated space. But, a robot can assist the teacher in the class so that the burden is lessened and constant attention is paid on the students. Automation is of utmost importance in the official and administrative sectors. This consists of the student record, teachers record, qualification of teachers, expenses and other databases.

5. Recruiting teachers

The recruitment of teachers and finding the best one for a particular position is a tedious and a time taking job. There are several stages in the recruitment of the teachers such as online aptitude test, telephone interview, written test, specialization interview, personal interview and so on. With the help of AI, few of the above mentioned processes can be conducted. The remaining process can be done by the help of human intervention. With this, the time span is reduced and the chances of the best candidate being selected increases. The entire process of recruiting the teachers becomes easy and smooth.



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