The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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There are two types of intelligence which is prominent in the world we live in today, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence. Natural Intelligence is the intelligence displayed by animals and human beings in a natural environment whereas, Artificial Intelligence(AI) or Machine Intelligence is demonstrated by machines. AI is used in almost all the industries functioning in the society like AI in healthcare, banking, education and so on.

Artificial Intelligence in HEALTHCARE

AI in healthcare is the usage of software and complex algorithm to provide a substitute for human intelligence or to provide a helping hand for the manual labour to carry forward analysis, interpretation and inclusion of the health care procedures and data. As the technologies are an integral part in the world today, healthcare industries are adopting the same to change and be at par with the advancement. AI is slowly being used in the healthcare sector to help and monitor the patients. Technologies like Robotics tech, Bio-metrics, Virtual assistance could be the future of the healthcare sector. Below is the list of applications and examples of AI in healthcare


It is believed that future can never be predicted, but in the case of Artificial Intelligence, the future surely is predictable. It is very evident that the world in moving towards a phase where technology is being used in every industry, in every sector. The day is not far where Artificial Intelligence will overtake and be a part of every work. The future of healthcare industry is solely dependent on Artificial intelligence. From the finding the diseases, the medications to the recovery, discharge and billing, Artificial intelligence will rule the healthcare industry.

The days are not far away where robots would be seen working in hospitals, alongside doctors, giving them directions and suggestions. As the diseases in the world are increasing and new deadly diseases paving their way, Artificial intelligence is the only way out for all the problems. With new diseases and pandemics rapidly, the health care system has to be shielded and has to be ready to tackle and fight the diseases. The discovery of new medication to improve the health care system will be provided by AI.

Applications and Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector


One of the major boon for any doctor or his patients are the early diagnosis of the disease. In the world today where diseases are being invented everyday, the early detection of the disease is the major concern. AI in healthcare serves this purpose of early and accurate diagnosis of the disease. Artificial Intelligence provides immediate and easy solutions through smart diagnostic imaging. This very approach helps in the proactive diagnosis of the tumour growth, stroke, types of cancer and so on. It is of utmost use as the physician gets a clear and quick idea and get ample time to plan out the procedure to the road for recovery.


Development of drugs to cure diseases is very crucial. This requires a lot of human labour and monetary funds. Despite these efforts, very few, around 10% of the drugs make through the clinical tests and are launched in the markets in the country and on a larger scale, worldwide. Advancement of AI in Healthcare provides the pharmaceutical industries an accurate, cost efficient and time managing alternative.

Applications of AI in healthcare
Applications of AI in healthcare


Biomarkers are a great helping hand in the field of healthcare. The medical conditions in the patients are detected with help of accurate audio and video information provided with this parameter. In addition to this, the technology helps in prescribing a suitable treatment for the disease along with medications. The disorders or defects are identified by the biomarkers with rapid speed which is the prime reason for its extensive usage in various countries. Time is precious, time is money. Biomarkers serve as a testimony for this.


It is not possible to keep patients for longer time in the hospitals as there might be many new patients waiting to get assistance. Hence it is not possible to have a large flow of patients in the hospitals and continue providing nursing assistance. Virtual nursing assistance helps to discharge patients quickly yet it boosts the accuracy in examining the health of the patients post discharge. These are available as wearable or can be used on the smartphones. AI serves the purpose of nursing and assistance.

It helps in reminding the patients about their medications, urges them to follow their regimes and exercises, provides any medical clarifications required by the patients and serves as a support during any emergencies such as an increase in blood pressure, giddiness or fall. Hence the virtual nursing assistance provides guidance and support just like the nursing assistance provided in the hospitals. With the comfort of the homes and proper guidance provided, virtual nursing assistance is one of the widely used Artificial intelligence.


It is not manually possible to keep a track and manage the entire institution. Hence AI in the hospitals helps in monitoring various sectors in the hospitals. From providing patient medication, solutions, tracking the symptoms of the patients, keep a record and evaluating the performances of the staffs and patient’s movement in the hospitals, AI provides solutions for all. The technology has helped hospitals reach heights wherein the robots are used for conducting surgeries. It also helps in providing the correct medications an accurate dosage. It would not be wrong to say that the efficiency of the hospitals has reached high bounds because of Artificial Intelligence.

Cancer Detection at early stages

As we all know, Cancer is described as one of the world’s deadliest diseases. The disease is found in different stages based on the severity of the disease and its spread in the human body. It is very crucial to detect the disease at the earliest so that the treatment can be started as soon as possible. The earlier the detection, less the risk and greater the chances of recovery. Artificial Intelligence play a predominant role in recognising the disease at an early stage. It not only helps in the detection, but, it also provides suitable drug which helps the patients to recover in a short span of time.

Automatic Billing

The process of billing in any industry requires interference of the Artificial Intelligence for smooth, rapid and quick results. The healthcare industry is no different. AI helps the system to be organised and transparent. It helps maintaining the records of various patients in an orderly manner. When the patient is discharged, the automatic billing provides them with all the procedures, cost and details of medicines in no time. This helps save time, human labour and cost.


The most important aspect of the healthcare is the health imaging. Various diseases can be detected with the help of X-rays, MRI’s and CT scans. The results of these scans are very crucial for every person as it decides their overall well-being. Heart is generally regarded as one of the most important organs in the human body. AI plays a key role in determining the condition of this organ and various other organs in the body. Cardiovascular abnormalities, diagnosis of neurological diseases, screening of defects etc can be done with the help of AI which will provide accurate and rapid results.


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