How Augmented and Virtual Reality can improve Sports User Experience During Covid-19

Sports unites people from all over the world. The craze for sport is so high that people forget about their own problems and enjoy the game. The fandom of people for their favourite teams is quite high in the sports. In India we have cricket which is followed by millions of people all over the country over the television or the internet and thousands of people coming to watch the match in the stadiums.

With huge number of people coming to watch the matches it is the responsibility of the sports officials to give them ever lasting experience that as a fan would cherish and never forget. This is where technology could be implemented in the sports arena. The evolving growth of augmented and virtual reality is allowing the sports officials to project a better user experience with the help of technologies.

Due to the covid-19 crisis, the matches are currently on hold. Even when the matches start there might not be people allowed to enter the stadiums as much as it was before. The people-watching over their phones, apps, or the television will not have a great experience. Technologies like augmented reality could be used in mobile apps that allow the user to get a better experience and to connect with other people in a virtual manner. This way fans will have a great experience similar to that of watching in the stadium. The fans could see other fans and interact with them using augmented reality.

People-watching over the television can make use of virtual reality, similar to the augmented reality for the mobile apps virtual reality gives the fans a better experience. Once the COVID-19 ends there might be fans allowed back to the stadium, the user experience needs to be improved in the stadiums as well.

Fans come to watch a match in the stadium to get a better experience. But most of the people who sit back have to watch it on television for a better view. So then there is no difference between current stadium experience, With the design of the stadium improving the technologies can be implemented in the stadium. The users can get a better experience by making use of technologies like augmented and virtual reality. The fans can see complete stats of the players like 3d models before the match begins. In the future, we can see virtual reality glasses given to the fans for a better experience in the stadium. Fans get a virtual reality gaming experience before the matches that give them a better experience even before entering the stadiums.

Even the esports industry has been making use of virtual reality for a better gaming experience. It allows players to get a feel to be inside the game and compete with other players in a virtual manner. This gives the players a new experience and fans to see something new.

In the coming years or so we can see all the sports including the esports industry to make better use of technologies like augmented, virtual reality to give the players and the fans a better experience.



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