How Augmented Reality Can Transform Retail Industry

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Augmented Reality is a technology that shows the user images of the real world in the user’s phone. It gives the user real world experience of being in that place. Google maps makes use of Augmented reality (AR) to show the users the surroundings of the given destination which enables the users to locate and identify the desired location in a better manner. There is always a possibility of technology being implemented in the industries. Augmented Reality in retail is giving the owners a sight of improvement in the industry that could change or transform the retail sector.

AR has slowly been implemented in the retail and e-commerce industry where it is being a great tool for attracting more customers to the desired enterprise- shops or malls. Online shopping has been developed immensely with the help of AR. A person can use AR for online shopping and could see themselves wearing or trying out the products. From dresses, ornaments, spectacles and footwear, one can just try on everything. A recent study has proved that using AR, the percentage of people buying the products or commodities are more than through the normal way of purchasing goods from the shop.

AR has also build a better customer experience, by making the use of AR user gets a better experience than by using a normal shopping app. The experience is more like going to the shops, trying out things and getting what one likes. This is now being done with the help of AR.

Traditional Shopping Vs Online Shopping with Augmented Reality

There is a huge advantage of online shopping compared to the old style of traditional shopping. Traditional shopping consumes a lot of time, to travel, select and buy the commodities. There is a set timing for the shops that might not be convenient for people. Online shopping with AR gives user a real time experience with the help of mobile apps. With the help of AR there is no difference between the traditional shopping and online shopping. One gets a feel like normal shopping with AR. Traditional shopping requires a basic setup like shop this could be costly initially. With the help of online shopping there is no need to have a physical shop, the user can shop through their phones.

According to the recent survey people have often chosen online shopping over the normal traditional shopping. This is mainly because people are more comfortable buying things sitting in their homes. Technologies are always developed to make the humans life easy and AR is one of the tech that is changing the retail industry.

Impact of Augmented Reality in Retail:

AR has always been a technology to look out for. Retail Industry is making use of AR to benefit and improve the online shopping experience. Impact of AR has been a pleasing change in the retail industry. The online shopping and e-commerce industries have been benefited with the invention of AR. There are quite a few e-commerce business giants making use of AR. The future is bright for the companies to make use of AR to improve the sector.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Retail:

There are numerous benefits of AR in the retail or e-commerce industry. Below is the list of things that could benefit the retail sector:

  1. Better customer experience
  2. More Sales
  3. Real time experience
  4. No wastage of travel time

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