Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education

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Cloud computing in education will help the education industry in numerous ways. Cloud computing is an in built availability in the computing system which enable storage with the manual intervention of the user or organisation. It is data centre which can be managed by an individual as private or by an organisation as a group. It is a system which is available on the internet and can be accessed even in the comfort of one’s home.

In recent year’s cloud computing has become a popular term and technology used by many industries. The education industry has always wanted to make use of technologies that could benefit the students and the organisation. The main benefit of cloud computing in the education industry is the reduction of costs, security, and accessibility.

e-Learning has been talked about in recent times due to the corona pandemic, students are attending their classes virtually. There have been many more features that have been added by the organisation like online libraries, remote teaching, and virtual classrooms. Cloud computing makes a smooth transition for all of these things to happen in a secure manner.

Applications of Cloud Computing in Education Sector 


With classes being taken over virtually, there needs to be a better security plan in place. Security has always been a major concern while the classes are taken online. Cloud computing offers better security compared to normal server-level storage. Any data stored in the cloud cannot be easily hacked by anyone making cloud a go-to technology in for the education sector.


Cloud computing makes it easier to access any files that are stored in the cloud. This is the year where online classes have taken over, the implementation of online classes has made it necessary for teachers to provide resources to their students. The resources could be notes, questions, assignments, homework, or even personal information of the students. Storing of data in the cloud is very easy. The file structure is very simple, both teachers and the students will find it easy to upload or download the files respectively.

Collaborative Learning

Group projects or group talks has always been a trend in the education industry. This allows students to get a feel to work as a group in a precise manner. Due to the corona pandemic students are not allowed to travel and so many restrictions and hence teachers are avoiding the group projects. Cloud computing could be the answer to all the worries. Cloud computing makes an easy transition to work remotely. Each student can decide to work a different part and can be combined together by storing the cloud.

Teachers also are benefiting from the increased collaborative learning by being able to use live chats, streamed classes, online assessments, and virtual labs.



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