Covid-19 Pandemic: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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Covid-19 also called as corona virus disease. Formerly it was called as novel corona virus or 2019-nCov. Covid-19 is from the same family to that of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The virus was originated from china bats.

India and many countries has been in a complete lockdown for over 2-3 months to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Technologies like artificial intelligence(AI) and robotics technology are being used to fight against this corona pandemic. Once the lockdown was lifted, the pressure to contain the virus was much higher. New technologies had to be used to segregate the people who were found to be symptomatic. Every sector, every industry, every field brought forth different models of technology to identify the symptomatic people and keep them away from mingling with others thereby containing the virus.

Travelling was one of the major concerns during the pandemic as many people had to get back to their works and there were many who had been stranded away from their families. The Railways and the Airways played an important role in this regard. In this mission, safety and well-being of the passengers as well as the crew was essential. They implemented the AI based smart sensor which detected the body temperatures of the people and ensured the people wore the safety gears. At every entry and exit there were machines with AI sensor which detected people and sanitised them and their belongings.

Smart robots have been installed at many homes to detect the temperature and ensure people wore the safety gears. Since this is something new people will tend to forget to wear their safety gears. Family consists of people of different age groups. It is essential to safeguard the members who are vulnerable. If a member in the family has any symptoms the robots can detect at a very early stage and they can be isolate themselves from the people around so that the spread is contained.

The implementation of technologies like drones have been helpful in the time of the corona pandemic. Many countries have opted for smart drones built with cameras, sensors that sprays sanitiser on the entire city to remove the bacteria that is present on the surfaces. If it is done manually then it takes time for people to go and sanitise each and every surface. Drones are fast and an easy process to sanitise the places around.

With the pandemic being spread like fire, the healthcare workers are no exception. They are the ones who are at the high risk receiving end and it is very important to safeguard them for the well-being of our country. In the given scenario, robots can be deployed to do the task. The robots neither need the safety gears such as PPE kits nor there is any fear of the robots being infected. The data provided by the robot would be unbiased, quicker and accurate. Hence, AI tech plays an important role in containing the virus by early detection and by safeguarding the workers at the front.

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