How Cloud Security Works

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Cloud computing security or cloud security is the protection of data stored online through cloud computing platforms from hacking, theft, and deletion. Security has always been a major concern for everyone, with the development of technology people are misusing it to hack into someone’s system.

Cloud computing solution providers have come up with solutions to ensure the data of the customers are safe and secured. The methods of providing security to the cloud include firewalls, a virtual private network(VPN), and avoiding public internet connections.

The important thing about cloud security is that only authorised people have access to enter the cloud. The security of the data in the cloud lies with both the service provider as well as the customer. The customers must make sure only limited people have the access to enter the cloud and service providers make sure there is enough testing, firewalls to prevent any security breaches.

How Cloud Computing Security Works

Cloud security by providing an encrypted key to the user or the customer. So this encrypted key is needed to enter the cloud storage or the cloud server. The user has to pass the key to any other users for them to gain access to the server. Cloud security has a set of team who keeps watching the actions that is being done in the cloud. This way if there is any suspicious action they will immediately cancel that action. Unlike a traditional storage system where we notice the system hack at a very late stage. There are 3 stages in cloud security that is monitoring data, visibility, managing access.

Monitoring Data:

A system analyst always monitors a set of data that is being passed in the cloud, technologies like machine learning are used to prevent any hack or unauthorised access to the files. A set of hacking methods is built in the algorithm and if any hacking methods similar to that in the algorithm matches it will immediately secure the data and remove the person from the server.


Gaining insights is very important, to know who the people are using the cloud servers. Any unauthorised access is seen at a very early stage. Three types of protection of data is required like infrastructure, software, and data security.

Managing Access:

Managing access is an important aspect of cloud security. Any unauthorised access to the cloud server will be known by the team or the tech that is used in the cloud. The user has the authority to give access to the people, if any random people get access to the cloud then he or she might misuse the data that is stored in the cloud. Cloud security has high tech technologies that enable to manage the access of the people. Cloud security makes sure the network is identified any unsafe or unsecured network access will not be allowed.



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