How government is using cloud to fight against corona

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The world came to a standstill with the pandemic, COVID 19. The lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the virus had made it difficult for lives to function in a normal manner. It was very important not only for the officials but also for the normal people to exchange their data and keep alive the economy of the families thereby keeping the economy of the country intact.

The storage of data plays a key role during any calamity, disaster or pandemic. IT is necessary to keep a record of everything. India being a densely populated country, it becomes even more essential to keep a track of the spread of the virus. The government has to keep a record of the spread of the virus in each state, death records, the kits and medicine requirements and also safely send the people back to their homes. All of these requires a high level storage and this is when cloud computing comes into the picture. Cloud computing not only keeps the records of these but also helps many people access the data with high security.

The state governments also had a keep a track of high records. This was possible with the usage of cloud. Each state had many cities and districts under it. It is essential to segregate the records and maintain them in an orderly manner. Cloud storage made it easier for such large data to be stored in a coherent manner. Using cloud, state government could attend more issues and address them in a quick and smooth manner. The death records, patients in ICU, active cases, recovered cases, containment zones etc were all managed by cloud.

The government played an important role in reaching out to the down trodden and the under privileged. The resources, food and the essentials were provided to them. The data and information of the needy had to be provided to the government. Cloud is a high level secured data storage which came into use. The needy provided their information and using this the resourced reached the ones who were in dire need.

Another task was to make people unite with their families during the pandemic. Since the lockdown was implemented without any prior notice, many people were stranded away from their homes. The transportation for these people had to be arranged using the social distancing norms. Hence the data was collected and stored, people were sent in batches following the social distancing norms based on their destinations.

The virus can be contained only if all the citizens in the country oblige to follow the safety rules. It was a great challenge to isolate and quarantine the people with travel history. The data was very confidential as constant check had to be kept on these passengers without creating panic. To safeguard and store this information, cloud was used.

Though the pandemic is still not over, it has been easier to organise and follow up the data because of cloud. It   would not be wrong to say that cloud has indeed made lives easier and helped in the control of the virus.

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