Mobile First Indexing: Google March Update 2021

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Google in an Update recently confirmed that Google will be rolling out the march Mobile First Indexing which was set to be rolled out long before but due to the pandemic was delayed and will be out by end of march 2021.

What to Expect in the Mobile First Indexing

The recent Google update which will be live is called mobile first indexing will be one of the core updates for the year 2021. The mobile first indexing as the name suggests the google bot will start indexing the website pages and articles from the mobile version. So that will mean if any pages are not responsive and google friendly the pages will not get indexed anymore.

If any websites are not responsive and are ranking in google it will drop drastically and the pages will not be indexed for rankings by Google.  In this update Google has given more importance to mobile users as in the future there will be more mobile users than system users. This update will make sure that all the pages and websites are mobile-friendly if they want to still rank higher in Google rankings.

Best Practices For Mobile First Indexing

Google has rolled out a set of rules for mobile first indexing that should be followed as per the guidelines. Below is the list of best practices to follow:

  1. Make sure google bot can access the mobile version of the content.
  2. The mobile load speed of pages and content. The faster the page loads in mobile the better the ranking position of the pages.
  3. Make use of the same meta robots tags in mobile versions as the desktop version.
  4. Make sure the mobile version pages have the same content as that of the desktop version, If not it is better to have the same content is google will index the mobile version and will show to the users what was indexed in the mobile versions.
  5. Have the same keywords in both mobile and desktop versions.
  6. Make sure the mobile version has good quality images.


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