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Last week has been a week where many websites got a sudden increase in the website traffic thanks to the which has been causing this. So what exactly is bot traffic, You can call bot traffic as fake traffic which has been coming into many websites.

What is Bot Traffic?

Bot traffic is otherwise called as fake traffic. These traffics are non human generated using a certain software. This traffic is not real and if it continues google will penalize the site as well. So recently the website where I work had got a huge number of spike in the organic traffic. This was a shock to us as we were not accepting so much traffic in such a short span. You can look at the below given traffic sources….

It is very easy to identify these types of traffic as you will see a sudden increase in the traffic, If you have any doubt about traffic always check the source of traffic in analytics to find if the traffic is real or fake bot generated. Bot traffic always has the source of traffic as bot so it is always easy to find and locate a bot traffic in your site.

How To Prevent Bot Traffic

Google Analytics does provide an option to block all these bot and crawlers from creating fake traffic to your site. If you know the exact ip of the bot traffic you can proceed and block this type of traffic from analytics. This way even if someone tries to generate a fake traffic that won’t be possible as those sites are already blocked from analytics to enter our site.

This way we can prevent any bot traffic from causing any harm to our website. Google and other search engines penalize these types of bot traffic if it happens a lot many times, so we need to always be aware of these kinds of traffic and always look of for analytics.

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