How Robotics In Education Would Benefit The Industry 2021

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Education is derived from the Latin word “Educare” which means “to train”. In today’s world, education is of utmost importance. It enables a person to be independent and to live and understand life. It is because of this reason that the government is also encouraging this need. Variety of schemes and rules are laid down by the government to ensure the attainment of education by every citizen in the country.

Role of Robotics In Education

With the invention of technology, the world is being ruled by it. Every sector, every industry runs with the help of technology. The one’s who become incapable of moving the fast changing trends, often are left out. The education field has seen no exceptions. Technology has become an integral and irreplaceable part of the system of education. From administration to the formal teaching, technology is being used in every process of education. Technology has been used in various forms. From the data of the students, fees collected, details of the teacher, salary transfer of the teachers and the teaching aids, technology is widespread in the field. It has almost become impossible to run an educational institution without technology.

During the pandemic, the dire need of technology has come to the forefront. It has now become impossible to run an institution from home without technology. Another field of technology which has evolved during the coronavirus pandemic is Robotics. Though it is always said that nothing can replace human being, Robotics has proved the statement false. Monitoring and functioning of the educational field has become easy because of this field of science. Robotics in education can be used in two types. The first type is where the robots are used for various purposes in education. The second is the teaching of robotics as a subject to the students. Both of these forms enable the students to be ready to adapt and be a part of the futuristic world.

Robots used in the filed of education will enable great developments. Robots can be used to billing, for administration and for teaching as well. The idea which seemed a dream years ago has now become reality. Robots are developed in few reputed schools and is being used as a substitute teacher. The presence of the robot reduces the load of the teacher and also enables the teacher to pay more attention towards the students as there is a companion and the work is shared. This technology makes the class more lively and interesting. The students become more curious and develop the tendency to defeat this robot. This ultimately results in the students paying more attention and learning more. The teacher is also able to assess and understand the students during this learning process. Robots are also programmed in such a way that they are capable of doing other tasks as well. Be it the data of the administration process, assessing the answer scripts of the children, Designing the syllabus, the robot is capable of doing it all. Due to the pandemic, since the classes are being taken on an online platform, Assessments are also being done in this platform. Robotics play an important role in assessment. It easily identifies the actions and the malpractices done by the children which may be difficult for a human eye to assess. Many Olympiads and Aptitude tests taken up by students all over the country/ world use this technology for a smooth and fair conduction of the exam.

The education field has indeed flourished and various new dimensions have opened due to the invention of Robotics in the field of education.

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