Must Do Technical SEO Checklist For Websites 2021

Technical SEO has always been the top priority for all the digital marketing or SEO experts out there. Here we are going to put out a few technical SEO checklist that is a must for all the website to have or do in order to rank higher in the search engines.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO as the name suggest is looking after the technical aspects of the website which will help in ranking higher in the google search engine results page (SERP). The technical aspects include speed of websites, robots.txt, meta tags and making it easy for the google bot to crawl or index the website. Technical SEO checklist is something which needs to be done with a lot of care as something wrong added to it, it can even harm the site and block the websites from google.

Top Technical SEO Checklist

There are many factors that comes in the technical SEO of things. Let’s see the SEO checklist that is important for any website

1. Google Search Consoles and Google Analytics:

Adding websites to the Google search console and Google analytics is very important. With google analytics we can get to know a lot about the websites such as users visited, bounce rate, organic traffic, social media traffic and a lot many things. It is very easy to add the website to google analytics.

1. Google Analytics

  • Visit Google Analytics official Website
  • Provide the account details like the name of the website and the location where are located as prompted in the image below
  • google analytics
    Google Analytics Account Creation
  • Provide the details as prompted by the google analytics and you will give a code that should be places with the head tag in the html page of the website. Once the code has been added your good to go and start tracking the website data.

2. Search Console

Search console is a free tool by google that shows errors in the website, Adding website to search console is important for any new website to get crawled and indexed by google also to see a set of errors in the website. Just visit google search console website and add the website. It is always better to add the website in the domain column. as shown in the image below.

google search console
Google Search Console

The search console needs to verified that is site is your so we need to add the code in the DNS record. The DNS record is available in the settings of the site where u brought your domain and hosting plan. If your not familiar with it you can ask the developer team or the customer support of your hosting provider they will add it for you. Usually it takes a few hours until the site is added sometimes it might also take a day.

Once the account is verified the important aspect is generating a sitemap for the website. A sitemap is a txt file with a structure of the pages in your website. You can create it by yourself using html or use Sitemap generator tool from google for the purpose. If your using WordPress then the plugin will automatically create a sitemap for you. Do submit the sitemaps in search console for the google bot to crawl the website.

2. Robots.txt:

Robots.txt file creation is important for the google bot to crawl the websites. We need to make proper use of the robots.txt file or else it will effect the site in a wrong way. We can block certain pages from google to crawl like the site admin, css and javascript files as we don’t want these pages to rank. A simple robots.txt file looks something like this as shown below


User-agent: *

Disallow: /admin/

3. Loading Time:

The loading time of any website is important for the website to ranking in google. As google is not favourable to rank websites with a high loading time. Google always wants the best for the users, therefore it is always better to have your speed of the website to be as less as possible. You can check the speed of your website using various website speed testing tools like GTmetrix

GTmetrix show all the possible way we can improve the speed of the website, So you cab look into that and improve the speed for better ranking and improvement in the search results.

4.  No Broken Links

Broken link or dead link is a link in your website which returns 404 page not found error. Google is not in favour of the broken links in any website. It will always good to have a check on the dead links on the website using various broken link checker tools. You can run your website in the tool and fix the broken if you find any broken link. This helps in google ranking. It is always better to have less broken links.

5. Structured Data

Structured data is very important to have in any websites. It gives more information about the website to google. Also having a proper structured data can dominate the search results with various pages of your website to rank along with your homepage. you can create a structure data for your business or any other articles.

Structured Data Results
Structured Data Results



The technical SEO checklist is important for any websites to rank higher. The checklist will help new websites to get crawled and indexed by google faster. This is the what I do on my websites and it has been showing create results as the websites get indexed quicker.

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