Top 10 Ways to Promote your Online Store

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There are endless ways to spend time promoting and developing your new online store. However, for most online marketers, trying all the methods at once is not the appropriate way to encourage growth. The efforts consume all your time yet desired results are not achieved. 
The best approach is to choose a limited number of ways to promote your online store. Then, focus your efforts on these channels and measure the results to see what works and what doesn’t. You can then expand and refine your efforts over time based on what you know to drive growth and sales. In this guide, you will have a glimpse of some of the best ways to promote your online store.

Best ways to promote your online store.

1. Create and verify your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile allows your business to appear in Google Maps results in the local area of Google search results. When someone enters your business name and location in the Knowledge Bar on the right. As Google increasingly adjusts its effects to its web search engine area, this free listing should be a priority.

The key to promoting your company profile is to verify ownership of your company information through the free Google My Business account. Once you get it, you can optimize your ad to appear higher in search results and is suitable for more relevant searches.

2. Create a blog & post-high-quality content regularly

Probably the most important way to promote your online business is to create a blog where you can publish and share quality content that is extremely valuable on a regular basis. This is a long-term strategy that will not work overnight, but every business owner needs to understand the importance of this method of internet marketing.

3. Use Google Ads

Google Ads ranks third in my store rankings. With Google Ads, you can display ads in Google search results or on thousands of Google AdSense websites. Campaigns can be well-targeted because they’re based on the keywords people use in the Google search box, and you pay only for clicks on your ads (PPC), which makes them cheap. Everything fits, so after a few weeks, you can decide whether Google Ads is the tool to increase your sales with profitable margins or not.

4. Spread the word on social media

Social media marketing is about consistency: regularly posting to your customers’ at scheduled times allows you to find and retain customers in the long run. Do not go for all social media platforms. Instead, focus on the channels your customers are using. Then, using data processing tools like Google Analytics, you can track which platforms your customers are most often seen at. Choose your customers’ favourite media platforms and share industry news and trends to keep your accounts informative and valuable for buyers.

5. Keep building your email list

This is the time to consider offering people on your email list a deal or discount to encourage customers to share your website with friends and family. Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools in the toolkit business. So make sure you keep collecting email addresses on your site. Some brands use pop-ups to ask users for their email addresses to receive small ads, such as 15% discount on the first purchase or free shipping.

6. Optimize your site for SEO

It is one thing to promote your business; nurturing your business on google is a different game altogether. SEO is a collection of techniques that align your company with the Google ranking algorithm. However, this algorithm has evolved through machine learning and user behaviour to produce the most accurate, high-quality results for search engines, especially for those looking for what you have to offer.
You can also optimize your store by providing the best services on the store. You can install relevant plugins that help you smoothen the process for you as well as for the visitors. For example, WooCommerce show stock quantity will help you get to know which product is getting out of stock. SEO is not just one tactic; it is a variety of tactics that work together to improve your rankings. For example, Google delivers excellent results in a location, you and the best marketers have the opportunity to rank on Google.

7. Market your content on Medium and Quora

If you want early traffic and have a relatively new domain less than two years old and with little credibility you need to work on marketing your content on sites like Medium and Quora. How does it work? Write quality content for your website. Make sure the keyword is thoughtful, unique and valuable. Make sure what you are talking about is helping people in some way, shape, or form.

8. Do guest posting on other websites

In addition to updating your web business blog, you can get more traffic and increase your Google rankings in other ways by posting guest posts on quality websites. Posts shouldn’t be promotional campaigns or limited to your products and services as it is challenging to post. Instead, you can make them more interesting by posting reviews comparing similar products or offering in-depth reviews. It can be an indirect way of getting customers’ attention, but not too urgent.

9. Form strategic partnerships

Pay attention to your company by talking to key people in your field. For example, check the blog to see if they want to review your products or website in one post. By posting your website in a popular website post, you can attract thousands of targeted visitors to your store’s website.
You should also reach out to social media influencers in your industry and get in touch with those who can post and share content through your store. Once you have identified social media accounts that have many followers and are related to your industry, start engaging with them regularly.

10. Create helpful video tutorials on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to market your web business. Although you may struggle to build your audience at first, you will eventually reach many people if you keep on creating helpful video tutorials. But, again, you need to focus on creating value without worrying about profits.  YouTube is a great tutorial resource because you can teach people everything in an easy-to-understand format. Whether you’re sharing a screen for digital skills training or filming in the real world, make sure the recording quality and overall content are great. 

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