The Rise of Virtual Reality in Travel During COVID

Virtual reality(VR) is a simulated software that gives users real-time experience. Virtual reality is an interactive image or video that allows the user to experience the scene in a complete 360 degrees. During the COVID pandemic, people were in a complete lockdown for about 3 months. The travel industry was not able to make any revenue due to the safety measures taken by the government. This gave the rise to virtual reality in the travel sector.

Virtual reality in tourism:

Virtual reality in the travel or tourism industry has always been a technology to look out for. During the corona pandemic, people would be eager to make use of technologies like VR to fulfill their desires of travelling. Virtual reality can be used in both images as well as videos. When the user plays the video he or she will get a real-time experience with the help of virtual reality. Video gives a complete rotation and movement of any place. Images, on the other hand, is a single side view. We can only experience the image based on the way it was clicked. So the best experience would be attained using the video mode.

The travel industry is making sure that people can connect with other people in a virtual way so when the user visits any historical place they can connect with other people in a virtual manner. They can talk with them and have a real-time experience using virtual technology. Moreover, we can connect with the people around us, interact with them giving it a better experience than just a 360-degree camera.

Virtual Reality for marketing in the travel industry

The travel sector is making use of virtual reality for marketing as well. People initially like to see something new in the market and virtual reality is still a fresh technology for the travel sector. They are still checking the ways in which they can make use of the tech.

Marketing is one of the best ways to make use of virtual reality, before going to any destination people want to see the place how the destination feels like, what better can the user ask for when he or she can experience the place as they might be in that location. This way there would be a better judgement of the place beforehand.


Virtual reality is still something new in the travel industry; people are still holding back from making use of technologies. Travel agencies that make use of technologies will surely benefit from the use of VR. In the future, we can see more and more travel agencies making use of VR and other such technologies to give users a better experience.



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